CMPS171, Winter 2013, Section 01: Team Website Evaluation

For CMPS 171, there is no grade assigned to the game's website. However, it is a mandatory item, and students on a team will not receive a grade for the class if the game's website is not complete (to the point mentioned below) by the end of the quarter.

There are two deliverables for the website: website framework, and end-of-quarter website. These are described below.

Website framework: The goal of this deliverable is to ensure that website development has started, and the team has done at least an initial information design on the website. Note that the website is not required to have any content at this time (though if it does, that is a plus); the goal is to ensure the site's structure is in place, so that content can be added before the end of the quarter. Specific elements that must be present at this time include:

  • URL. The website must have its final URL. This means the game's domain name must be chosen and the DNS name registered. The game's website must resolve in a web browser to the game's website skeleton. This implies the team also has a web hosting service set up, and the DNS address for the website resolves to this web hosting location.
  • Style. The website must have chosen its graphical style. If the game is using an existing CSS template, this means that template has been chosen, and has been tailored to the specific game (e.g., replacing stock banner images with ones specific to the game). If the team is developing its own graphical style, this means that graphic design must be complete.
  • Site structure. For every page that will exist in the website in its final state, this page must exist (though can be blank, acting as a placeholder). The menu structure of the site must be functional on all pages of the site, and bring people to the various (placeholder) pages of the site.

End-of-quarter website: At the end of Winter quarter, the website should be as complete as possible. At the very least, the following elements are required (see the game website template for detailed description of these items). Others site elements can wait until Spring quarter, as they may depend on the game being more complete.

  • Game description
  • Contributors
  • Artwork
  • News
  • Contact information

Though not required, a preliminary video or trailer of the game at the end of Winter quarter will be very helpful in building interest around your game, and will be useful if any team members go on job interviews during Spring quarter. As well, the sooner your team starts building connections to social media sites, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc., the easier it will be to attract players, playtesters, etc.