CMPS178, Winter 2014, Section 01: Course Policies


LAPTOPS: This is an open-laptop class so that you can use the internet to research things on the fly. I would like to not find you on Facebook or checkiing your mail.
PHONES: Please be sure that your phone is turned off or in Airplane mode while in class. Let me know if this presents any problems.
TESTS: There will be one Midterm test and one Final exam.
BLOGS: Each student shouild have a Design Research Blog. You can use any blogging software as long as we can get the URL and
your instructors and classmates can read your Blog. You are required to post at least once a week about the topic of Design
Research. This may or may not be in direct relationship to our topic. We want to see your reflections, ideas and observations.
GOOGLE GROUPS: I have established a Google Group for communication among students. Information forthcoming.
ESL: If yoaur first language is not English, let me know. If you need a tutor, we can work with the college to find you one. If you don't understand the language in a lecture, please let the instructor know and the sectiion will be re-covered.
OFFICE HOURS: Beginning 3/15 office hours will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 to 6 and at other times by appointment.Please send me an email to reserve a session. Each student must meet individually with the instructor at least once duringthe term.
RESEARCH SUBJECTS: Our research must be conducted with friends and family and with their written permission. I will provide
permission forms.
Your grade will be the combination of several factors:
  - 25% peer review by your team colleagues
  - 25% performance of your team as a whole
  - 25% midterm and final
  - 25% instructor and TA evaluation of your individual work and contributions
If you have elected to take the class P/NP, please let the instructor know.