Game Design Practicum

Game Design Practicum (CMPS 179) is a class focused on the practice of computer game design and construction. Aimed at junior and senior level students in the Computer Game Design major, the class involves learning one or more game technologies, then using this technology in the construction of novel games. An emphasis is placed on experimentation and novelty in game design, with much of the class devoted to teaching game design methods and practice.


For Fall 2012, the class is focused on novel game design using the eBay API, which gives our designers real-time access to eBay listings and information, can be used for interesting methods of data-driven gameplay. Programming tasks will be completed using javascript/css/HTML5 and other online technologies.


Required text:
Challenges for Game Designers by Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber
JavaScript: The Good Parts (O'Reilly book) by Douglas Crockford

Recommended reading: 
A Theory of Fun by Raph Koster 


Tentative Office Hours: Tu/Th 12:30-2:00p - PSB 310


Instructors and Assistants