Game Design Practicum

Game Design Practicum (CMPS 179) is a class focused on the practice of computer game design and construction. Aimed at junior and senior level students in the Computer Game Design major, the class involves learning one or more game technologies, then using this technology in the construction of novel games. An emphasis is placed on experimentation and novelty in game design.

For Spring 2012, the class is focused on novel game design using Microsoft's Kinect sensor, which permits markerless motion capture, provides scene depth information, and has high-quality microphones. The combination of these abilities permits the creation of natural user interfaces (NUI) where the player interacts with a game without the use of a traditional handheld controller via gestures, voice, or other body movements. The Kinect also makes possible novel interface devices, such as the combination of the Kinect and novel input or output devices, such as with Arduino-controlled devices.

In addition to the instructors listed below, Jane Pinckard will be providing design guidance for the phase 2 games created this quarter.

Kinect games created by students during this class can be viewed on the UCSC Games YouTube channel.

The recommended mac lab for editing video files is Porter:


Mon-Thurs Friday Saturday Sunday
Porter-Arts D-240 9am-Midnight 9am-6pm Noon-6pm Noon-6pm

Instructors and Assistants