Game Design Practicum

UX Techniques for Designing 3D, Animation, and Interaction for the Web

In 2013, the web is proliferating with cutting-edge interfaces including gesture and voice, 3D graphics, advances in data visualization, and animation. More than ever, the web has become an open playground of cool new interactions and new technologies that propel us into the next decade. In this class, co-taught by eBay's Design Director, students will study advanced techniques for web design and interfaces using Javascript, CSS, 3D, advanced vector graphics, and a variety of animation techniques. The class will use real-world UX design challenges and real data. In two to three week sprints, students will collaborate in small teams to rapidly build prototypes implementing new technologies. This is a great portfolio-building class for those students interested in the next wave of the playable web.

The class will be co-taught by Reid Swason and Matt MacLaurin. Reid, who comes to us from Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development, has a strong background creating web-based interactive experiences, including a dynamic story generator based on mining data from blogs. Matt is the senior director of design research at eBay, creating new kinds of web and location-based playable experiences. 


Professor: Reid Swanson (
Professor: Matt Maclaurin (
TA: Peter Mawhorter (
Reader: TBD


Section Location Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lecture Kresge 194 9:30-10:40AM Reid   Reid   Matt
Office Hours Kresge 317 11:00-12:00 Reid+Peter   Peter  


Tutoring Hours Baskin Lounge 4:00-5:00 PM   Ben  



 Office hours will be held during the optional lab section listed above and by appointment.

Final Project

The final project will be due on Sunday June 9th and presented during the final period from 8:00-11:00 on Monday June 10th. See the projects page for more detal.

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