CMPS183, Fall 2011, Section 01: Project Requirements

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Final project notebook



Project Requirements


We encourage you to think at a project that draws your team's interest and enthusiasm.  In general, we are looking for projects whose engineering has the following components:

  • Some way of authenticating users and interacting with them. 
  • Persistent data: either a database backend, or the use of some external storage API. 
  • Some way in which users interact with other users, or benefit from their presence on the site.  The interaction need not be direct.  For instance, a site where individual users can upload, and download, their files, but not share them, nor in any way interact with others, is less appealing. 
  • At least some variety of interaction: multiple pages, or search and result pages, or anything... but not a single page where only one activity is possible. 
  • Some server/backend component.

Students, head over to, and edit the Wiki for the class with information on your projects.  We will then copy the text back here as needed towards the end of class to showcase your project.


1) Carpoolamjig by Lonely Boat Collective 

Team members: Vivian Wong, Alex Schneider, and Ryan Andonian

Idea: "Our project is going to be a service to help organize carpools to events. It will utilize features similar to in that we will also be using a schedule and, but you will be able to set up private events to work out carpools for. Right now we're planning on setting up a website and also taking our service to Facebook and possibly Google+."


2) Time Machine Race

Team members: Devon Wyland, Scott Orzech, Wai Son Wong, Audrey Fabian

Idea: Facebook game, players will be able to set a time for when their opponent can go next, the longer an opponent takes to respond after the allotted time, the more points the first player receives, game ends after a set amount of time, Goal is to have more points by the end ... details TBD


3) Slug Hub by Six Angry Slugs

Team members: Clement Tran, Chris Garcia, Dan Healy, Gabriel Rivera, Nicole Rusk

Idea: Our idea is a website that helps game designers come together to help in the brainstorming and designing process. We have hopes of including things such as a user chat room with a "prototype game board" that can outline the basic game genres. We also want to put a database of users so UCSC students can find artists, musicians, other designers, etc by searching (college, major, skills, grade, etc). More ideas are to come.


4) Marksmen score tracker by Team Target

Team members: Dominic Arcamone, Rohan Prabhakar, and Felix Yeung

Idea: A website that keeps tracks of scores of archery and marksmanship competitions/events. (ie. Archery Scorebook) Simply put, users may create events in which he and others may be added as participants. For each event, each participant may add "rounds". The user interacts with targets that are drawn with Javascript in the SVG format to record the position of their "points". From this a score is generated with respect to the rules of the event that the parent round belongs to. The user can fetch events and a target will the populated with the saved "points". The website will also display statistics such as average scores and average attendance for events, and so forth.


5) ColdFire

Team members: Alexander Millar, Jonathan Holtan, John Crocker, Christopher Taylor

Idea: Have you ever had free time and not known what to do? Our web application is the solution. With our application, users will be able to upload, discuss and rate favorite local sweet-spot hangouts. This idea is going to be kept local in Santa Cruz, and will be constructed with expansion in mind. Each location will contain a picture, a description,  directions with a possible map, a comment section and a rating mechanism. Our goal is to help people get out and have new experiences in their free time. College is a stressful time, mental and physcial relation is key to excellence and we feel that this website will enable users to explore. Depending on time constraints we may integrate extra functionality.


6) Dreamscape

Team members: Grey Skold, Devin Carraway, Winston Kyu, Rene Gomez, Binh Tran

Idea: posting dreams with user accounts for this project for the first release to demo ...


7)  Insert Team Here by Treppenwitz

Team members: Kelsey Karin Hawley, Linus Foster, and Philip James

Idea: Its the rare person who's perfect at everything. You may be an excellent programmer, but can't draw beyond a stick figure, or be able to compose amazing music, but have no idea how to build characters for a story. Using personal and team profiles with comprehensive search and position posting facilities, Insert Team Here hopes to fill the gap between creative people of all disciplines, allowing them to find each other and form teams for the sole purpose of working on creative projects. Initially targeting those interested in making video games, Insert Team Here will be a way for coders, artists, musicians and writers to connect with each other and start making amazing experiences.


8) Motivational Web Application by Triple Pixel

Team members: Ivan Ruiz, Jessica Zamora, Joshua Mitchell

Idea: Mr. Parson's Dojo of Discipline is a web application for keeping track of goals, as well as problems that you want to overcome. There have been times where we've all told ourselves we'd accomplish something, but never got around to it. With the dojo you can organize your goals by priority and time frame. Add pictures and memories that will help to motivate you to finish your goal. The dojo will send you periodic (text and/or email) messages asking how things are going with a particular unfinished goal. Based on your response, the dojo will send you the motivation you need via various mediums.


9) Sluglist by Team GinyuForce

Team Members: Kenny Cox, Douglas Weller, and Vanessa Valencia

Idea: College students post up stuff that they want to sell, and students from the same college can interact with the seller and negotiate on prices,where to meet, etc as well as see items that the seller has sold before. Sellers and buyers are ranked based on how accurate the description of the item was, whether they met with the other person on the specified date, if the price was reasonable.


10) Webcade Machine by Team Gold Coin

Team Members: Ben Murray, Alexandr Syskin

Idea: Our project is a flash game search engine based off of the StumbleUpon website. A user of the website is going to search for a term. The result is that the user is taken to a popular random flash game with the option to search again if they do not like it or to input new search parameters.


11) Billing application for roommates

Team Members: Benjamin Ross, Erik Steggall, Alex Peri, Steve Rinkus

Idea: We are going to be working on a project that will allow roommates and housemates to track, submit and view previous, current and future bills. Also, our app will allow users to rate the property and landlord in a similar fashion to RateMyProfessor. We will be also implementing a chore wheel for roommates/housemates.


12) Audio Invaders by The Reagan Administration

Team Members: James Farmer, Adam Magleby, Zakary Sheridan, Drew Facchiano, Kimberly Shannon

Idea: A music-based web game where players attack 'invaders' that create music notes/loops. The application records the audio created by your game and uploaded it to a database. Users, possibly through Facebook Connect, can rate/comment on each others creations among a leader board. This will be an interesting way for users to create music through unique game play, as well as sharing their musical creations with friends!


13) Zutha 

Team Members: Chris Barnett


A semantic database that can be collaboratively edited by users (along the lines of Freebase). If I have time, I will start adding some of the other features I eventually plan for this project such as a version system, a framework for reputation and user ratings of content, a semantic query language, a permission system based on reputation... A use case for the plain collaborative semantic database would be for individuals to share some of their knowledge that they think others would value, such as by adding a set of books to the database that they think cover a particular topic very well, or by creating a non-linear tutorial with semantic links between content and to other content created by others on Zutha or the wider web.


14) Video game history by Co-opControl 

Team Members: Chris Burris, Rene Gomez, David Zou, Kevin Otoshi)


Our goal with our project is to create a video game history forum for people to reminisce about their gaming experiences. Each user's profile will allow them to upload their favorite games/games they own, so they can connect with other members of the community. Forum members can add each other as friends and members with similar interests in games/genres will be recommended to each other (similar to the Facebook recommendation system). Members can also recommend games to other members, which will hopefully encourage gamers to try new games and be more active in the online community. 


15) Website list organizer by Generic 

Team Members: Chase Yasuda, Trevor Amspaugh


A tool to help users keep track of websites for business or pleasure (Most likely in list format). Users will be required to sign in to take advantage of the utilities. There will be a method of searching for other users to track their websites as well (But restrictions might be implemented to protect privacy).  


16) Obfuscate 

Team Members: Alexander Baker, Elias Carrillo, Eric Wieber, Rosalie Stevenson