CMPS183, Fall 2011, Section 01: Project Notebook


We are currently discussing the content of this page; it is likely to change somewhat.

Now that the code and web content for your final project are complete, it is time to update your documentation to ensure they are consistent with the as-built project, and/or, to modify your project so that it is consistent with the stated requirements.

Specifically, your final project notebook should include the following:

  • Requirements specification- your requirements specification must document to project as implemented. It is not necessary to update the "scenarios document feedback" section, or the "refined paper prototype/storyboard." However, the document should explicitly note that these sections are no longer up to date (assuming this is the case).
  • User's manual - a brief (3-5 page) users manual describing any dynamic features of your web site. For example, if you have a discussion forum feature, describe how to use it. However, there is no need to document standard web capabilities, such as following links to static content.

Note that you must get approval from the Professor before making any modifications to your requirements document. The software you produce in your project is intended to implement the functionality described in your requirements specification. If the code does not match the requirements, there is either a requirements error, or you must modify your code to match the requirements. Since the requirements are an agreement between your team, and your customer (the Professor and the TA), you cannot change this agreement without approval from both parties.

You are not required to update your scenarios document, or your design document.