CMPS183, Fall 2011, Section 01: Tutorials

The idea is to get together to form small teams of 3 persons and have every team over the course of the class to present a short overview/tutorial (up to max. 10 -15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes Q&A) of a web engineering topic of choice. 

Reason is that everyone has probably some particular interest in a web engineering topic, possibly not even covered in class, where one wants to "dig in", or is already an expert. Sharing this with the class is a great opportunity to help others get up to speed on this topic, and also is a good practice for presentation skills (good preparation for the final project presentation).

Furthermore, many of the proposed technologies in these tutorials may be very relevant to your project. Since the team preparing the tutorial will spend some time to make the topic quickly accessible, point out relevant resources etc. this is a great way to take advantage of during your project work.

The presentation should overall be tutorial style and address those key questions:

  • What is the technology?
  • Brief historic overview
  • How does it work, short tutorial to walk through a simple use case
  • Why is it important (e.g., overall benefits over X, where X is a similar technology)?
  • Where is used?
  • Sample applications on the Web (if applicable)
  • Links to related resources (e.g., RFC, whitepaper, web sites, videos) for others to learn more

The presentation can be done using a slide deck, printed hand-outs, a wiki / web page, etc. (up to the presenter). Please let me know if you need additional equipment (e.g., a projector) the week before so that I can make sure we have that arranged prior to class. We defintely prefer demo style and make this very hands-on.

Given the short overall time the presentation should focus on the key highlights, benefits, tutorial aspect so the audience can learn more about it, and determine based on this whether this is something to explore further.

We will start with the presentations in week 2 already. Please form your team and pick a topic by the end of week 1 (email to us) and we will post them on this web page. Topics should not be duplicative (don't want to see 5 different PHP introductions), and will be assigned then on first come, first serve basis.

For example, if one team wants to do a YQL overview and another one wants to the same, we recommend for both to sync and coordinate to avoid duplication. In that case maybe team 1 can cover some aspects of YQL, whereas the second team can cover some additional YQL topics, or examples different from what the first team covered.

Once we have all the topics by end of week 1, we will schedule them over the remainder of the class, so that they ideally topically fit within the corresponding class (or if this is a topic not covered at all we can place it anywhere).

We will have these presentations at the beginning of class. Probably 1 or 2 per class max. A schedule will be posted on this page once it is available in early week 2. If you don't have an idea for a topic or would like some suggestions please see us during my office hours or send us an email and we can send some suggestions of topics.

Grading will be done based on the overall quality of the presentation and counts 10% towards the grade (see grading for more details).

The following criteria are used in evaluating your tutorial presentation.



Quality of the tutorial content
  Was the tutorial content overall correct and well organized?


  Did the tutorial cover the important aspects from above (e.g., technology and historic overview, how does it work, how can one use it, why is it important, where is it used, sample applications, related resources)


  Was the presentation overall well structured, easy to follow?


Oral Presentation
  Was the presentation well done, good communication? Was the audience able to understand the key points conveyed?


Total points


Here are some topic ideas to get you started. These are just ideas and I'm sure there are many, many more that could be of interest to you and make a great topic to augment the class.

Presentation List for CMPS 183