Storage Systems

This course is a graduate level study of the issues in the design and implementation of data storage systems. The readings are taken from the current research literature and some articles of historical significance.

The field of storage systems is one of the fastest growing and most interesting research areas in computer science. The storage system is at the core of most computer systems, and its performance often dominates the entire system. It is also responsible for the safe-keeping of the most valuable assets of an organization - its data. The course will cover data storage systems including the architecture, design, implementation and characteristics of the components on which storage systems are built. Topics will range from the device level up to distributed systems concepts.

For preparation, you are expected to have basic knowledge of operating systems, such as presented in a standard undergraduate course like CS 111. Ideally, you should also have taken a graduate operating systems course like CS 221, Advanced Operating Systems. If you have do not have this level of preparation, you should discuss it with me. We will be reading the research literature critically, and you will need this level of knowledge and sophistication necessary for successful completion of the course. You will also be expected to present several research papers to the class, helping you to develop a critical skill.

Instructors and Assistants