CMPS240, Spring 2013, Section 01: Lecture 6 04/18/2013

Using Baye's rule we determined that for the 3Gold-3  Coins game:

    The probability that two random coins came from the same bag given they

are the same color is 1/3...   Even if we know the configuration is 2-0,1-1,0-2.


In the general case the intuition is simply that two coins  being the same color

 gives us know information about which bag they came from.



In satisfiability we learned 3 algorithms:

     the WalkThru algorithm   - go step by step using the left most available literal if  needed.

     Subtraction algorithm

     (and the Iching algorithm).   You do not need to know the Iching algorithm. The Subtraction algorithm

     is the main topic of the Harrision reader. It returns ALL solutions to a SAT problem - but may require

     exponential updating/storage.