Machine Learning

Welcome to CMPS 142/242 for Fall 2012


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The textbook (required) is Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Bishop.

Bishop uses a fair amount of linear algebra, so if you may want to brush up on it if you have a weak background.


Location / Times

The class meets in College Eight Academy 240 on Tu-Th from 2:00-3:45 (College 8 map [pdf])


The discussion sections meet in Baskin 169. Students may attend multiple sections, and undergraduates are expected to attend at least one a week. Sections will meet starting Oct 2nd. Times are:

  •   Tu: 6:00-7:10
  •   W: 11:00-12:10
  •   Th: 7:30-8:40


Instructor Office hours are Monday 1:30-2:30 and Thursday, 4:15-5 in E2 room 345B

TA office hour is Friday 1-3, in Baskin Engineering 312C/D.


See the syllabus under the Handouts (to the left) for more information

I am keeping a wait-list of those who have sent me E-mail, and have started handing out permission codes.

Instructors and Assistants