Artificial Intelligence in Games

The primary goal of the course is the understanding, design, implementation and use of classical and modern AI techniques as they apply to  video games. The course will include readings and discussion of recent and influential papers in current topics such as player modeling, opponent modeling, procedural content generation, and other areas of interest in Game AI.

After the successful completion of this course, students are expected to:

  • Know what representations and techniques apply to different problems in game AI
  • Compare performance and understand tradeoffs of different AI techniques 
  • Understand design and implementation of efficient and robust advanced AI algorithms.
  • Work in groups to design and implement algorithms for particular problems in games


The main topics of focus for this year's class are the following (some will be covered in more details than others) :

  • Intelligent Navigation (Search)
  • Strategy AI (Behavior representation, planning)
  • Automated Design
  • Narrative in Games
    • Drama Management
    • Multi-modal narrative generation and management
  • NPC Behavior
  • Procedural Content Generation
  • Gameplay Analytics


 UCSC's academic integrity policy


Grading in this course is based on student's performance in class presentations, discussions, weekly reports, and 2 team projects.
The following grading scheme will be used. For specific assignments, guidelines for grades will be provided with the assignment description.

  • 30% - 2 Written Assignments (1 Literature Review + 1 Position Paper)
  • 30% - Programming Assignment : Project I  (Competition entry)
  • 30% - Final Project of your choice (4 Milestones 10% each)
  • 10% - Class Participation (10 one page responses to class topics)

Instructors and Assistants