Computer Graphics

Lecture: E2-192 M/W 5:00-6:45pm

Lab with equipment: E2-386

Prof. James Davis

Office Hours Mon 2-3pm

General structure of the course

Lectures on intro graphics topics 1 day per week
Read research papers and discuss 1 day per week
Participate in joint class project on building a workable 3D scanning to 3D printing pipeline


4 large chunks of work (~15hrs/each) towards joint class project
4 short (~5min) presentations of what you did/learned for each chunk of work
complete a scan->print pipelien for one object
Occasional short 1 page reports on various topics
Weekly summary of research papers, 1 page
Weekly creation of quiz questions around lecture topics
Weekly taking a quiz (from questions the class made up)

All of the above is required to pass. Some students will be clearly more engaged that others, they get an A. 

Instructors and Assistants