CMPS272, Winter 2007, Section 01: FinalProject

1. Pollinator Dynamics

  • Robert Clark (Biologist), Mark Deckert (Computer Scientist), Corrie Scalisi (Computer Scientist)
  • Presentation: Pollinator_Dynamics.pdf
  • Paper: Pollinator_Dynamics_Paper.pdf
  • Source: Pollinator Dynamics Simulation Source Code
  • Mark did testing (results analysis, parameterization design), simulation design, project idea research, debugging(small amount), some graphing (small amount) and coded an initial simulation. Robert did the writing, graph generation, power point presentation, simulation design, and project idea research. Corrie wrote the main simulation code, an initial simulation, did graph generation, simulation design, and the vast majority of debugging.

2. Games on Graphs

  • David Ilstrup (computer scientist), John Murphy (computer scientist), Anindya Sen (computer scientist)
  • Presentation: slides
  • Paper: Games On Graphs
  • Source: rpsSimCode graphColorSimCode
  • All-Discussed ideas and organized what to do. Worked on final write up. Anindya and Dave-Read papers and discussed ways to use/extend results. John and Anindya-Designed and coded graph coloring strategy simulation. John-Ran all simulations for graph coloring and interpreted results. Anindya-The graph coloring slides. Dave-Wrote proposal. Introduction and section on contagion and RPS-CA for slides. Wrote contagion and RPS-CA software.

3. Sexual competition in simultaneous hermaphrodites.

  • Brooke Miller (biologist), Isaac Noble (computer scientist), Mike Schuresko (computer scientist)
  • Paper: * Part_1.doc: Part 1: Biological background and problem motivation * Part_2.pdf: Part 2: Pen and paper analysis * Part_3.doc: Part 3: Simulation results
  • Slug sim source
  • SlugSim.ppt: simulation presentation (slugs)
  • All-Discussed ideas and organized what to do.
    • Isaac was the primary simulation author
    • Mike analyzed dynamics before simulation, gave input to simulation.
    • Brooke provided biological background and problem formulation. Guided Isaac and Mike on biological realism. (Brooke is auditing)
    • It should be fairly obvious which components of the write-up are due to which authors.

4. Political Competition Dynamics

5. Game Theoretic Image Segmentation

6. Asian Contagion

  • Andrew was literature maven and sketched the model in Excel. Anil and Ghins tuned the Excel model and implemented the refined model in NetLogo? . All three conducted extensive model runs and all three contributed to the writing, typesetting, and editing of the final paper.

7. Maternal Effects

  • Lesley Lancaster (Biologist), Serdar Sali (Computer Scientist), Jonathan Koren (Computer Scientist)
  • Maternals_report.doc: Maternal Effects Final Report
  • Maternals_presentation.ppt: Maternal Effects Final Presentation
  • Maternal Effects MATLAB source code
  • LL proposted the model and worked out the genetics. SS and JK wrote, executed, and troubleshooted the model. LL wrote the ms, with the exception of the methods section, which was written by SS (as JK had performed the final runs).


  • ImSeg.pdf: Game-theoretic image segmentation