CMPS272, Winter 2007, Section 01: GameOfLife

This game is a 0-player simple simulation of "life." This game was created by mathematician John Conway and just might be the most common example of cellular automata. The game is played on a 2 dimensional grid, where each square has exactly 2 states, which might be considered as 'alive' or 'dead.' The rules are quite simple. You start by choosing a selection of cells to start out alive. For any live cell, if it has either only one or no neighbors, then it dies (from loneliness?), if it has four or more neighbors, then it dies (from overcrowding?), and if it has exactly two or three neighbors, it will continue to live. For any dead cell, if it has exactly three live neighbors, then it becomes alive (manage-a-trois?).

In this particular java implementation you are allowed to change the rules, which can make for some interesting (and pretty!) patterns.

-- RyanCrabb? - 06 Jan 2007