CMPS272, Winter 2007, Section 01: ImmigrationLife

Based on the normal game of life probably the most known CA this version is modified to use two different colours. This models two different competing lifeforms trying to stay alive and take over the opponent. Since the formation condition is to have 3 neighbors in the game the new cell will always have a majority of neighbours from either the black of the white species and this majority decides on what colour the new cell will have.

The reason I choose this CA is that I remember playing this version as a kid with the included program for Windows 3.1, this got me going with CA and I guess got me thinking about CMPS as well. On the site there is booth one game doing the normal two colour life and another one that I hadn't seen before that uses the full spectrum creating the new cells based on the RGB mean of the 3 neighbors. One interesting application for the later is to use this starting with one entirely black cell and the rests white to see how much influence the black one has one the others based on their "greyness".

-- AndersNyman? - 11 Jan 2007