CMPS272, Winter 2007, Section 01: IteratedPD

This is a version of prisoners dilemma played by each cell in a cellular automata. The payoff described is a little different than most PD descriptions I've seen. Here the mutual defection payoff is just as bad as the 'sucker' payoff - 0. The 'temptation' payoff is 1.85, and the mutual cooperation payoff is 1. Each cell plays an iteration of prisoner's dilema with each of its 8 neighbor cells. The starting state of each cell (cooperate/defect) determines the result for each of these pairwise games. The sum of payoffs for these 8 games is the cell's score for that round. Each cell adopts the play of its highest scoring neighbor for its own next play.

-- DavidIlstrup? - 06 Jan 2007