CMPS272, Winter 2007, Section 01: AffirmAxn

Model Affirmative Action in the education sphere, addressing the ultimate goal of diversity in personnel while taking into account the costs and benefits associated with including racial eligibility into the application process.

  • Modeled as a two player game between the University and the applicant
  • Payoffs described at the individual level (for the applicant) and at the collective level (for the University, also addressing that the payoffs made to the individual affect other individual applicants)
  • Criteria for admission described by different distributions on achievement dimensions; the value of those achievement measures are dictated by the racial and socioeconomic background of the individual

  • University gains by admitting people with high achievement measures
  • University gains by admitting a racially diverse student body
  • Selecting via achievement criterion succeptible to overrepresentation of white students
  • Selecting via racial, socioeconomic criterion succeptible to overrepresentation of minority students
  • A mixed strategy accounting for the above is highly beneficial to the university; a pure strategy is not