CMPS272, Winter 2007, Section 01: TextureGarden

Texture Garden is a set of CAs with different rules to create different types of textures. For the water and swimming pool textures, the CA simulates the radiating waves caused by disturbances in water. To create this effect requires two buffers, so that each cell has a two deep history. The history is used to calculate the height of the wave, as well as the velocity and location of the waves as they radiate outwards.

Code samples as well as a more in-depth description can be found here: Simulating 2D Water.

The last two texture generators are no longer found at the links given at Texture Garden. They have been moved to the following locations: Fractal Drainage and Diffusion-limited aggregation


  • screenshot of the ripple effect on the water simulation CA:
  • screenshot of the diffusion-limited aggregation CA: