CMPS272, Winter 2007, Section 01: Lecture Plan

Lecture 1 (Th Jan 4):

Lecture 2 (Tu Jan 9):

Lecture 3 (Th Jan 11):

  • BS2: Hawk/Dove Game and allied games with evolutionary dynamics
  • DF2: Solution concepts: DS, IEDS, BI, NE, ESS
    • Readings: Watson Ch6-7, 9, 11, 14-15.
    • Lecture notes by Ryan Shelby: LectureDf2

Lecture 4 (Tu Jan 16):

  • DF3: Dynamics in 1 dimension: continuous and discrete replicator; Cournot and FP dynamics.
    • Readings: Nowak Ch 1-5; Primer on EvGames
    • Lecture Notes by Andrew Atkinson: AAln272-DF3.pdf.
  • BS3: Haploid and diploid dynamics; misc 2-3 player games, intro to RPS, snowdrift game, 3 player game classification
    • Bomze_1983.pdf: Bomze's (1983) classification of three-player dynamics

Lecture 5 (Th Jan 18):

Lecture 6 (Tu Jan 23):

  • MW3: The blessing and curse of the multiplicative updates
    • Three mechanisms for avoiding the curse
  • MW4: Motivating multiplicative updates as relative entropy minimization problems
  • For the sake of completeness - here are some of the original papers
    • winnow.pdf: paper that uses conservative update for learning disjunctions
    • pca.pdf pcatalk.pdf: paper and talk using capped weights
    • trackexp.pdf: paper that essentially uses lower bounds on the weights

Lecture 7 (Th Jan 25):

Lecture 8 (Tu Jan 30):

Lecture 9 (Th Feb 1):

Special Lecture 10a (M Feb 5)

  • Suzanne Alonzo, Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University,
  • Seminar Location: Earth and Marine Sciences Building, B206 (large lecture hall attached to north side (near the CFAO)
    • "The evolution and ecology of reproduction: A tale of two fish and some equations."
    • Suzanne will be going over multi-player and start-of-the-art methods for multi-player games, along with the biological motivation for such games.

Lecture 10 (Tu Feb 6):

  • MW6: Regret bounds for on-line learning algorithms
  • BS6: * alonzosinervo_BES_2001.pdf: alonzosinervo_BES_2001.pdf
    • Finish up with the Price Equation, and begin regression concepts for estimating payoff functions
    • 2 player games involving mate choice (and the RPS), plasticity (to tie in with Suzanne's talk)

Lecture 11 (Tu Feb 8):

  • BS7: Social speciation (cellular automata), adaptive dynamics, bifurcations
  • MW7: Universal cellular automaton

Midterm Exam in Class Tu Feb 13

Lecture 12 (Th Feb 15):

  • BS8: RPS for e coli, RPS for brood parasites, RPS for aposematic-model mimicry, RPS everywhere
  • BS9: solution of real world games, games lizards play, density dependent games, solution of boundary equilibria for 3 player games
  • * notes_by_Lesley_Lancaster.doc: notes_by_Lesley_Lancaster.doc

Lecture 13 (Tu Feb 20):

  • MW8: The Logistics of Globalization
  • DF8: Cultural evolution

Lecture 14 (Th Feb 22):

  • DF9: Human moral system
  • MW9: Genetic algorithms
    • MW9-1.pdf: Tutorial on Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming
    • MW9-2.pdf: Success stories - What part of Biology is relevant
    • MW9-3.ppt: Protein design by avoiding the pitfalls of Genetic Algorithms

Lecture 15 (Tu Feb 27):

Lecture 16 (Th Mar 1):

Lecture 17 (Tu Mar 6):

  • Slug penis fighting game
  • MW11: Another application of entropies: Estimating the potential distribution of a species

Lecture 18 (Th Mar 8):

Lecture 19 (Tu Mar 13):

  • Games on Graphs
  • Image Segmentation

Lecture 20 (Th Mar 15):

  • Asian Crisis
  • Meternals