CMPS272, Winter 2012, Section 01: Homeworks/Sample Midterm


Hw1, due Tu 17 beg. of class, spreadsheet email to rps2bdm@gmail.comĀ  - chapter 1

Hw1, part b, due Th 19 beg. of class by email to - cellular automata

Hw2, due Th 26 beg. of class, spreadsheet email to - chapters 1-2 and MW's replicator material; solutions below.

Hw3, due on Th Feb 2, Chapter 3 and Manfreds two lectures (Bomze 1983 needed for HW3, and Bomze 1995 for completeness)

The solution to Manfred's problem is given in blue in updated lecture mw-lect6-part2.pdf

The midterm exam from two years ago. Here are the solutions (or find it below, in the attachments list)

Sampe midterm questions by MW