Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics

The focus of Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics (CMPS 290B) in Winter 2012 is procedural content generation (PCG). Procedural content generation is the creation of algorithms and tools that create content, broadly construed. Procedurally created content can include buildings, dungeons, game levels, landscapes and worlds, weapons, textures, mazes, patterns, jewelry, etc. This class will explore procedural content generation considered broadly, with some emphasis on its application to computer games.

The class is organized seminar style, with class sessions typically involving a discussion of readings assigned for that day. A primary goal of the class is to make students broadly aware of the current frontiers of research in procedural content generation.

Readings for each class can be found in the "Readings" menu items to the left. Bibliographic details and access to the articles is via the Procedural Content Generation group on Mendeley. Mendeley is web- and desktop- based software for collecting, organizing, and sharing lists of scientific writings. This group is open to others to join; please request an invitation.

People interested in this class may also be interested in other classes that have taught procedural content generation. Julian Togelius (ITU Copenhagen) taught a class on PCG in 2010 and 2011, and Mark Riedl (Georgie Tech.) taught a class on game AI in Fall 2010 that covered many PCG techniques.

Instructors and Assistants