CMPS290P, Fall 2013, Section 01: Readings


[R1] Cinematic Discourse Generation: Representation, Reasoning, and Evaluation

Arnav Jhala and R. Michael Young

IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence in Games (TCIAIG)



[R1-Supplement] Creativity Support for Novice Digital Filmmaking 

 Nicholas Davis, Alexander Zook, Brian O’Neill, Brandon Headrick, Mark Riedl, Ashton Grosz, Michael Nitsche 

Proceedings of CHI 2013



Part the first : SCRIPT

[R2] Detecting Story Analogies from Annotations of Time, Action and Agency

David Elson

Computational Models of Narrative Workshop, LREC Conference, 2012



[S1] Scheherezade ( )


[Secondary - R3] Attention, Intentions, and the Structure of Discourse

Grosz and Sidner

Computational Linguistics Journal

[Link][Local PDF]


[R3] Creating an Event-Driven Camera in Games

Brian Hawkins

[Part 1][Part 2]

[R4] Cambot

David Elson and Mark Riedl


[R5] Understanding Comics

Scott McCloud

[Local PDF]



[R6] Dynamic Intelligent Lighting for Directing Visual Attention in Interactive 3D Scenes

Magy Seif El-Nasr, Thanos Vasilakos, Chinmay Rao, and Joseph Zupko. IEEE Transactions of Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, Vol 1, No. 2, 2009.



[R7] Virtual Cinematography through Relighting

Paul Debevec, IEEE Computer



[R8] Lou Romano's Color scripts from Pixar and Up

(via Kate Compton)



[R9] Video content analysis and movie barcodes

(via Kate Compton)





[R10] Virtual cinematography of group scenes using hierarchical lines of actions

Kaveh Kardan and Henry Cassanova

Sandbox'08 symposium on games at SIGGRAPH

[ACM DL] [Local PDF]


[R11] Panel Beat: Layout and Timing of Comic Book Panels

William Bares

SmartGraphics Symposium, 2008


[R12] Parametric Comic Creation from 3D Interaction

By Ariel Shamir, Michael Rubinstein, and Tomer Levinboim.




[R13] User Studies : Why, How, and When ? 

Kosara, Healey, Interrante, Laidlaw, and Ware

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications (CG&A) 

[IEEE Xplore Link] [Local PDF]


[R14] Perception in Visualization

Christopher Healey



[R15] Camera control in computer graphics: models, techniques and applications

Marc Christie and Patrick Olivier

Siggraph-Asia 2009 Tutorial

[ACM Digital Library Link] [Local PDF]


[R16] Dynamic Artificial Potential Fields for Autonomous Camera Control

Paolo Burelli and Arnav Jhala



[R17] CAMPLAN: A Camera Planning Agent

Nicholas Halper and Patrick Olivier


[R18] An Autonomous Camera Planning Agent

Hornung, Lakemeyer, and Trogemann