Advanced Topics in Computer Systems

This section of CMPS 290S will cover topics in archival storage systems.  Through paper readings, class discussions, and a final project, we will explore a wide range of topics in long-term digital preservation, including systems for long-term storage, issues in data representation, search and retrieval, and social issues of archival storage.

We will typically cover 1-2 papers per class (2-3 papers per week).  Readings are linked to the class schedule, and will require a download from the ACM or other digital library; access to these libraries is free on the UCSC campus.  If you choose to download a different copy of the paper, you must ensure that the content is the same as that of the assigned paper.  A different version (conference vs. journal paper, for example) is not acceptable.

Please see the course syllabus for a more complete description of the class.

Instructors and Assistants