CMPS80K, Spring 2012, Section 01: Additional Tutorials and Examples

Additional Tutorials and Source Examples

Listed and annotated below are a plethora of additional informational and tutorial resources for Game Maker. Some of the information might be dated but the general techniques and approaches to problem solving are still relevant. 

Game Maker Provided Resources

Resources found on the Game Maker Website.

Sprite, Sound and Tutorial References


Tutorials (including those from section)


Resources and Tutorials from the Game Maker Community Forums


Online Video Tutorials

Game Maker Video Tutorials Site -

Search YouTube for "game maker"


Game Maker Extensions and Libraries

Sites dedicated to sharing additional modules (like physics and graphics code). 

Game Maker Toolbox -


Example Games and Source Code

Below are links to completed or partially completed Game Maker games, most have source code available. Some of these are very advanced and/or professionally developed. 

Angry Birds Clone -

Derek Yu's Spelunky Source -

Spelunky Source Discussion Forum -

Game Maker Examples

Reviewed and rated games from the Game Maker Community Site -

Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is a regular game creation event where designers have a weekend to make a game based on a specific theme. The Ludum Dare site has thousands of game examples. Below are links to some that have been made with versions of Game Maker.

Ludum Dare 17 -

Ludum Dare 18 -

Ludum Dare 19 -

Ludum Dare 20 -

Ludum Dare 21 -

Ludum Dare 22 -


Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam is a the largest international game creation event. Every years thousands of developers spend a short amount of time making themed prototypes.

Global Game Jam 2012 Game Maker Entries -


Game Maker Language (GML) Tutorials

GML is the scripting language used in Game Maker. It requires knowledge of programming but always for more complex and powerful game interactions. Below are some resources and tutorials for getting started in GML.

The tutorial from section is attached below.

 Tutorials - An introduction to general programming in GML, starts with core concepts and moves onto a full game example in GML - Blog post detailing how to write the "Catch the Clown" introductory Game Maker tutorial completely in GML


Two examples of ways to extend the functionality of Game Maker: - This is the 2D platforming engine used for the game Spelunky linked above, it includes a rather advanced tutorial but will show you how to integrate other GML structures into your game. - A physics extension for Game Maker, this comes with a few example usages and a Game Maker Extension (.gex) file that can be used to add additional core physics functions to GML