CSE168: Introduction to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


This course will cover concepts and methods needed to develop AR and VR applications. Topics will range from 3D modeling, graphics rendering, image compositing and occlusion handling, sensors for environmental awareness and user actions, computer vision and image analysis, toolkits for supporting AR, different display options, dynamics, interaction, and navigation. Course evaluation will be based on a midterm, programming exercises, and a final project. The project is a quarter long AR/VR application which integrates the skills they have learned in other classes as well as this class. In place of the final exam, students will be presentingtheir final projects. In addition to regular classroom lectures, students are also expected to go to lab sections that meets twice a week for an hour each time. Enrollment restricted to juniors and seniors. Enrollment limited to 30 students. Prerequisite(s): CMPS 160/L is required. Some knowledge of mobile platforms (eg CMPS 121 or CMPE 161) is helpful but not required.

7 Credits

This class has not been taught recently.


Formerly CMPS 168

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