Signals and Systems



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Office hours and discussion: 
Monday:  12-1        Mohsen       E2-258 
              2-3        Allie           E2-245A 
              5-6:45    Lecture       150 Stevenson 
Tuesday:  1-2           Zoe         E2-246 
              2-3:10      Patrick      E2-194 
              3:30-4:30  Zoe         E2-246 

Wed:      12-1          Zoe         E2-246 
             1-2           Allie         E2-245A 
             2-3:10       Mohsen     E2-194 
             5-6:45       Lecture     150 Stevenson 
Thurs:     12-1          Patrick      E2-206** 

Readings so far: Schaums Chapter 1


M 30-Mar  L1 Math review B1-B4,B6-B7
W 1-Apr  L2 Math review & Signal Properties 1.1-1.5
M 6-Apr  L3 Signal Transformations 1.3-1.7
W 8-Apr  L4 Signal Transformations & Convolution 2.1-2.3



Course Description

The course will cover the following topics: Characterization and analysis of continuous-
time signals and linear systems. Time domain analysis using convolution. Frequency domain
analysis using the Fourier series and the Fourier transform. The Laplace transform, transfer
functions and block diagrams. Continuous-time lters. Examples of applications to commu-
nications and control systems.


 Professor: Alyson Fletcher, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

  •  Email:

  •  Texts: (1) Linear Systems and Signals, B.P. Lathi, 2nd Edition 2004

      • ISBN-13: 978-0195158335  ISBN-10: 9780195158335  Edition: 2nd 

          (2) Schaum’s Outline of Signals and Systems, Hwei Hsu,  McGraw Hill, 3rd Edition, 2013

  •  Grading: Homeworks & Quizzes 30%, Midterm 30%, Final 40%

  •  Office  Hours: 1-2PM Monday, 2-3PM Wednesday, or by email appointment

  •  Course lectures: 5:00-6:45 Monday/Wednesday Soc Sci 2, 071 

Course Outline
The following is a tentative course schedule.
 Week 1: Introduction, Signals and Systems, Signal types and characteristics
 Week 2: Impulse response and convolution
 Week 3: The Fourier Series: de nition, properties, applications
 Week 4: The Fourier Transform: de nition, properties
 Week 5: The Fourier Transform: applications
 Week 6: The frequency response of linear time-invariant systems
 Week 7: The Laplace Transform
 Week 8: Transfer functions and stability
 Week 9: Sampling and its applications
 Week 10: Analog Filters (optional)
First lecture: M 03/30/2014, Final exam: Th 06/11/2015 12:00 - 3:00 PM



Labs: All in BE115**
Monday    10-12, 2-4 Patrick
Tuesday   10-12      Patrick/Mohsen
Wed       10-12      Mohsen
Thursday   9-11      Mohsen

You are encouraged to do the labs within the lab hours, but you may access the labs at other times.
Be respectful of the other lab students and equipment at all times.
BE109 is available for working on matlab also. 

Grading Policy
Course grade will be based on weekly homework assignments and quizzes (25% of the final grade),
midterm examination (35% of the figrade) and a fi nal examination (40% of the fi nal
grade). You must get a passing grade on the final to pass the course. The final examination
will cover the material from the entire course.

Academic Dishonesty
Any confi rmed academic dishonesty including but not limited to copying homeworks or
cheating on exams, will result in a no-pass or failing grade. You are encouraged to read the
campus policies regarding academic integrity. Examples of cheating include (but are not
limited to): Sharing results or other information during an examination. Working on an
exam before or after the ocial time allowed. Submitting homework that is not your own
work. Reading another student's homework solution before it is due. Allowing someone else
to read your homework solution before the assignment is due. 

For more details see the Official UCSC Guideline on Academic Integrity.

Any student who is in need of accommodation, based on the impact of a disability, should contact me privately to submit their Accommodation Authorization and discuss specific needs, preferably within the first two weeks of the quarter. Please contact the Disability Resource Center at 831-459-2089 in room 125 Hahn Student Services or by e-mail at to coordinate those accommodations.     

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