EE103L, Spring 2014, Section 01: Main

The Systems and Signals Laboratory consists of six different experiments blending simulation with hardware to confirm and add breadth to the abstract theoretical topics covered in lecture.  Careful attention to these laboratories should give you insight and understanding expressed by the related mathematical theory.  A subordinate aim is to introduce a popular mathematical simulation tool, Matlab and its companion system simulation tool, Simulink.  Two of the six labs include the experimental use of hardware that provides a means to work with voltage signals in both the time and frequency domains. 

Generally, students will be expected to work on these experiments alone, except for the hardware aspects, when you will be grouped into sets of three or four students for each of the hardware experiments. 

Manuals can be downloaded here.



  • The emails regarding EE103L including the reports or questions, should have the subject in the following format:     EE103L-S[section#]-[subject]. For example if a student from section 1 is sending the report for lab 2, the subject will be   EE103L-S1-Lab2Report.
  • The reports for Matlab and Simulink sessions should include all the codes (appropriately commented), models, and figures. 
  • Delayed reports will have a penalty of 20% (one week delay) and 50% (two weeks delay). The reports are not graded if delayed more than two weeks. 


Grading:  50% Reports, 25% Presence in Lab, 25% Activity in Lab.