Introduction to Optoelectronics Laboratory

Updated 11/18/2014

Lab 4 will be on 11/20 (Thursday) and 11/25 (Tuesday).


Lab sessions:




Tu 1pm-4pm

Enkhtur Sanjmyatav,  Hung Huynh, Evan Peterson, Austin Blakely, Patrick Labarre, Simon Leemans (6)

Tu 4pm-7pm

 Devin Cody, Richard Pham, Caleb Fink, Jesse Barush,  Jose Maravilla  (5)

Thu 1pm-4pm

Juliana Dealmonte, Don Tan, Sergio Lopez, Gary Barrett, Khant Zaw, Kevin Helms (6)

Thu 4pm-7pm

Rogelio Alonso, Elizabeth Bohrisch, Christopher Plakos, Radu  Dragomir (4)


Please let me know if the time cannot work for you.

The first lab will be lab0: primer in fiber optics on 10/14 Tu and 10/16 Thu.

Before entering the laser lab, please watch the 20 minute Coherent laser safety training video found here: 

After watching the laser safey training video, please finish the quiz, save and send to my email:

Email lab related questions and comments to the course TA, Junce Zhang at



Lab Sessions 

Days: Tu, Thu

Time: 1-4pm, 4-7pm

Room: BE148


Office Hours

Time: After lab

Room: BE148



B.E.A. Saleh and M. C. Teich, "Fundamentals of Photonics"

G. Keiser, "Optical Fiber Communications," McGraw-Hill.

K. Iizuka, "Elements of Photonics," Volume II, Wiley (2002).

Joseph C. Palais, "Fiber Optic Communications"

John Silson and John Hawkes, "Optoelectronics"

E. Hecht, "Optics" 


Instructors and Assistants