Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Laboratory

Welcome to EE 135L!

We will have 4 labs this quarter, one every other week.

You will be able to do the experiments while the TA is present in the lab, so attendance to the section you are enrolled is mandatory to pass the lab.

There will be a pre-lab exercise, lab work sheet posted for each lab.   You can find them by opening the lab tap on the left.

Complete the pre-lab exercise before the lab.   I will collect it as you come into the lab.   It will be 20% of your grade.

You only have 2 hours to finish the lab.   Read the lab work sheet before the lab, so you can finish the lab in time.   The work sheet can be also used as your lab notebook.   Attach the scan of your work sheet to the lab report.   It will be 30% of your grade.     

The lab report will be due in two week.   It will be 50% of your grade.   Submit it in person during the next lab meeting or via e-mail to tkim6@ucsc.edu with subject line "EE135 lab report ".   If submitted late, the lab report grade will be halved every day after due date.   

Please, follow the guideline by Dr. Kobayashi below for the lab report.

Lab write ups should consist of the following sections:

Abstract: A concise statement describing the experiment and the results. This is usually not more then 3 sentences. Since the abstract is a summary of what you have done, its a good idea to write this last.

Introduction: Several paragraphs that explain the motivation of the experiment. Usually in this statement you state what you intent to accomplish as well as the expected results of the experiment.

Materials and Methods: Describe what equipment, and components you used to attempt the experiment. Also, how you conducted the experiment.

Results and Analysis: This is the main body of the report. Graphs, tables, diagrams should all be included andexplained. Results of any calculations should be explained and shown. State the results of the experiment, include any problems encountered.

Conclusion: Explain how the experiment went, and whether you were able to achieve the expected results stated in the introduction. Share any knowledge you have gained along the way.




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