EE135L, Winter 2015, Section 01: lab2 (week of Feb. 2nd)

For those of you who need to take more data for lab #2, I will make BE 162 available on Monday 12-2, and Thursday 2-4 on the week of Feb. 9th. 


Lab 2 has two sections, 1. the equipotential and E-field lines and 2. the capacitance of five patterns we painted.   As before, you can put "what the lab is about" into the introduction, "what is used and how it is done" in the materials and methods, and "what you observed and learned" in the result and analysis.  The answers to the questions in the lab worksheet should be included in the result and analysis.   Attached two square patterns you cut out with your discussion about them (procedure 1 in the lab worksheet) in your report, but you can attched the three conducting sheets at the end of your report, and refer them in the discussion about them in your report.  


The second lab will meet in the week of Feburuary 2nd.   Among other things, we will manually find the electric field line and the equi-potential line of the conducting patterns we paint on the resistive paper in this lab.  

Attached below are a printout for the pre-lab exercises, and the lab worksheet.  

The printout for the pre-lab exercise is actually a general description of the lab.   For the pre-lab exercises,

1. briefly summarize what you know about how to plot the electric field line and the equi-potential line, and

2. plot what you expect of them on the five patterns given in the printout.   The pattern should be drawn in scale.   Three to five of both E and V lines should be plotted. 

Read the lab worksheet before you come to the lab.

The lab #1 report is due when we meet for lab #2.   Hand in the report with your pre-lab exercise as you walk in.   Don't forget to attach the checked off lab worksheet at the end.