EE135L, Winter 2015, Section 01: lab4 (week of Mar. 9th)

Due to the request of many students, the deadline for the lab #4 report is now extended to the end of the week, Friday, the 13th, woo~~~.   You can either submit the e-copy (Don't forget to attach the copy of the worksheet), or the paper copy.   For paper copy, you can jus give the report to me when you see me at BE 162, or slip it under the door if you find it locked.


After some thought and chat with a couple of follew EE 135er, I decide that the lab report will due at the end of the lab this time.   So you don't have to worry about the report during the final exam week.   Therefore,

The pre-lab for the lab 4 is the introduction and the materail/method parts of your lab report.  

The lab 4 is about the electromagnetic induction.   Study it and write what you learn into the introduction.   Then read the lab manual very carefully, do thought experiment in your head, and write down the procedure you will use in the actual lab, and your expectations for all the things they ask you do perform in the manual.   During the lab, you will perform what you have already done in your head, make some measurement, compare your result with your expectation, and add the analysis and the discussion to your report.    

See you in the lab...