Properties of Materials

EE145:Properties of Materials(Fall2014)

Last updated: 12/11/2014


David is cancelling the Friday 12/12 review session because Nobby adequately covered the material and David is super busy grading your reports.  David will email conceptual review sheet and tips.  Email all lab reports due on Friday to David, no paper copies. (12/11/14)


I made HW 8.2 and 8.4 due on 12/11 optional, so you don't have to turn it in so that you have more time to study lecture materilas for the quiz and the final. If you decide to turn it in, I will give you extra credits. (12/4/2014)

David will host an informal review session/discussion hours for the final.  Review will happen in BE162 lab between 9am-1pm on Friday Dec. 12th.  Attendance for the entire section won't be expected - there will be some practice problems and review concepts on the board.  (11/18/14)

Lab 6 Solar Cells will happen Monday 11/24 8am for Monday section only!  Tuesday/Friday sections will meet after thanksgiving as planned.  (11/18/14)

Lab 7 Optical Absorption and PL will be optional.  It will take place on Tuesday Dec. 9th 2-6pm in BE148 optical lab (next to Jack's Lounge).  All lab 6 and lab 7 reports for all sections are due on Friday Dec. 12th. (11/18/14)

Grading statistics posted (11/15/2014)

Quiz 2: metal/semiconductor band, E(k)-k diagram, i/n/p semiconducotrs, g(E), F-D(E), n(E) (11/11/2014), see "Lec note 11" silde #2 for details. 

NO LAB next week and NO CLASS next Tuesday 11/11.  Lab 5 will resume on 11/17.  Happy Veterans Day (11/06/14)

Quiz 2 will be on 11/18 (11/05/14)

Quiz 3 will be on 12/9 (11/05/14)

Lab 5 handout has been updated.  (11/05/14)

There is NO LAB next week.  Your Lab 3 reports will be due on the day of your lab section the following week, after Halloween weekend.  David will have office/discussion hours next Tuesday, 10/28, from 2-6pm for general discussion and review.  Nobby will be reviewing specifically for the Midterm in class on Thursday 10/30, so there will not be an official review session outside of class before the test. (10/24/14)

Lab 2 Prelab pdf has been revised to show the bars above numbers in the Miller indices representing negative intercepts in the unit cell for certain exercises. (posted 10/11/2014)

Instructor: Nobuhiko "Nobby" Kobayashi

Office: Baskin Engineering R247


Office hours: Tuesdays (2pm-3pm), Thursdays (12pm-1pm)

Textbook: S.O.Kasap,PrinciplesofElectronicMaterialsandDevices,McGrawHill,2005,3rdEdition

Grading policy: Quiz 20%, Homework 20%, Midterm 30%, Final 30%

Teaching assistant: David Fryauf


Discussion sessions/Office hours: M 10am-12pm, Tu 2pm-4pm, F 11am-1pm

Lab sessions: M 8am-10am, Tu 4pm-6pm, F 9am-11am


David will be running and grading labs 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7.  Tae Sung will be running and grading labs 2 and 4.


***JOIN KEY***  What elementary charged particles have the least mass of all the leptons?  They carry negative charge....


Instructors and Assistants