Quantum Electronics

Basic quantum mechanics is reviewed and it is applied to the study of interactions between light and materials. Quantum theory often ends up with a lot of integrations, and we may unfortunately get lost in mathematics, but quite often, mathematics is left as our exercise. Also detailed calculations start without clearly identifying what the initial problem is. Thus, we will make every effort to (1) derive all mathematics in class, (2) identify the logical flow, and (3) create clear mental images for or visualize topics we study in EE232. Lasers and light-matter interactions will be mainly covered, but whenever there is a conflict between understanding well and covering widely, we will choose the former.

We will use A. Yariv, Quantum Electronics, 3rd ed. (Wiley, New York, 1989). This is not an easy book to study as you can tell from customer reviews, and we will fill the gap in class, i.e., derive all mathematics and clarify the logoical flow. The midterm (35 %) and final exams (55 %) are planned. HW (10 %) will be assigned every week, and is basically a review of what we cover in class from a different angle.

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