Management of Technology Seminar




Week 2: Information Technology Management at Plantronics

10/9/14: Tom Gill, Chief Information Officer, Plantronics

Week 3: The Services Oriented Enterprise

10/16/14: Doug Morse, Founder, ServTrans


Week 4: Information Technology Management at Xantrion

10/24/14: Diana Lara, Executive Assistant, Xantrion

Week 5: Project Management at Cisco Systems

10/30/14: Ben Rus, Project Manager, Cisco

Week 6: Project Management at Seagate

11/06/14: Kevin Mann, Project Manager, Seagate

Week 7: Graphics Computing at AMD

11/13/14: Sam Huynh, Senior Manager, AMD


Week 8: What Drives Venture Capital?

11/20/14: Paul Vroomen, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, PhD Candidate, UCSC

Week 9: Thanksgiving


Week 10: Management of Technology and Water Research

12/04/14: Brent M. Haddad, Professor, UCSC

Instructors and Assistants