Management of Technology Seminar

Management of Technology Seminar


  • Instructions For Term Paper Part B
  • Lessons Learned
  • Slides
      • Week 1 (01/12/2012): Introduction to the Winter 2012 seminar series
      • Week 2 (01/19/12): Marketing Agency Life: Bringing Business Strategy, Creative Thinking, and Technology Together
        John Schneider, Group Director, Strategy, Silverlign Group, Inc.; and
        Chris Guthrie, Director, Solutions Architect, LEVEL Studios
      • Week 3 (01/26/12): Products, International Trade, Sales Operations, and Supply Chain Management at Seagate
        Ming Chao, International Trade Americas Manager;and
        Mike Ruggiero, Senior Sales Operation Analyst, Seagate Technology, Cupertino
      • Week 4 (02/02/12): Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
        Professor Joel Kubby, Electrical Engineering, UCSC
      • Week 5 (02/09/12): The Anatomy of a Silicon Valley start-up
        "Term Paper, Part A" assignment handed out to class.

        Dr. Safwan Shah
        For addition slides on Startups:
          • ISM 101 - Spring 2009:

            • Week 4: Life in a Start-up: The Greatest Thrill Ride

              4/23/09: Eric Ornas, Chief Operating Officer, Satori Labs

            • Week 5: Venture Capital and Universities - How VC's examine investment opportunities

              4/30/09: Robert Siegel, General Partner, X/Seed Capital Management


      • Week 6 (02/15/12): How Cisco works
        "Term Paper, Part A" due in class.
        Jarrett Fishpaw, Cisco Systems
      • Week 7 (02/23/12): Game Theory and Net Neutrality
        Professor John Musacchio, Technology & Information Management, UCSC
      • Week 8 (03/01/12): Sustainable Seafood and its Supply Chain
        Professor Marc Mangel, Technology & Information Management, UCSC
      • Week 9 (03/08/12): Global Supply Chain Systems at Plantronics
        Rich Morgan Senior Manager, SCORE Team Plantronics, Santa Cruz and Mike Attlesey Senior Manager, Supply Demand Plantronics, Santa Cruz

        "Term Paper, Part B" assignment handed out to class.

      • Week 10 (03/15/12): : Course Closure; Lessons Learned; Student Feedback
        "Term Paper, Part B" due in class
        Lessons Learned


General Class Information

Lecture Time:
  T/Th, 4 - 5:45 PM
  E2 - Room 180
  Subhas Desa: (sdesa at soe dot ucsc dot edu)
  Phone: 831-459-1641
  Office: E2 Room 561
  Office Hours: Tuesday, 3:30 - 6:30 PM or by appointment

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