Management of Technology Seminar



Week 2: Products, International Trade, Sales Operations, and Supply Chain Management at Seagate

1/17/13: Ming Chao, Mike Ruggiero, Seagate

Week 3: Differentiating with exceptional customer experience

1/24/13: John Schneider, Jason Kondo, Silverlign

Week 4: Project Management at Netsuite

1/31/13: Jose Solorio, Senior Project Manager at Netsuite

Week 5: Customer Care in a Unified World

2/7/13: Ed Romson, Senior Director Plantronics Global Customer Care

Week 6: The Anatomy of a "Silicoln Valley" Startup

2/14/13: Safwan Shah, President PayActiv

Week 7: Game Theory and Net-Neutrality

2/21/13: John Musacchio, Professor UCSC

Week 8: Data Sciences at Cisco Systems

2/28/13: Jarrett Fishpaw, Business Operations Manager Cisco

Week 9: Research in Industry and Academia: a Personal Perspective

3/7/13: Patrick Mantey, Professor Computer Engineering / Director CITRIS

Instructors and Assistants