Management of Technology Seminar




Week 2: Elements of Success in Technology and IT 

1/15/15: Paula Phelan, CEO, and Sean Wood, Nadel Phelan

Week 3: Game Theory and Net-Neutrality

1/22/15: Professor John Musacchio, UCSC

Week 4: Products, International Trade, Sales Operations, and Supply Chain Management at Seagate

1/29/15: Mike Ruggiero, Business Program Manager - Product Management, Seagate

Week 5: Cisco Systems, Behind the Hardware

 2/5/15: Tom Freeman, Business Operations Manager, Cisco

Week 6: Project Management at NetSuite

 2/12/15: Jose Solorio, Senior Project Manager, NetSuite

Week 7: The Cinematics of Video Games

2/19/15 Professor Arnav Jhala, Computational Media, UCSC

Week 8: Artificial Intelligence, its Applications, and MOOCS

 2/26/15:Professor Ira Pohl, Computer Science, UCSC

Week 9: A Customer-Centric Approach To Product Development

 3/25/15:Tanguy Leborgne, Vice President Consumer Solutions, Plantronics

Instructors and Assistants