Business Strategy and Information Systems

This class considers the role of information in business strategy.  In particular, we focus on decisions regarding information technology and information systems to give a business competitive advantage over other companies.  We will focus on case studies to see why some businesses are more successful than others in building information systems that lead to organizational and individual efficiencies. 

We look at how information impacts industries, markets and countries, and leads to technology development.  We develop an understanding of design and maintenance of networked organizations, including issues of leadership and management.  A full list of topics is given on the 'Class Schedule' page.

Note: This class satisfies the writing-intensive (W) requirement

Text Book (required)

Corporate Information Strategy and Management, 8th edition

Authors: Applegate, Austin and Soule

Note: Readings from this version of the text are critical to the class, as some of the cases and topics have changed since previous versions.

We will follow the outline and cases of the text fairly closely, and students are expected to read the assigned chapter or case before each class.


This class is designed for seniors who have taken the majority of requirements for the TIM major. The only official prerequisite is TIM/ISM 50, but a certain level of maturity is required to complete the case study and project requirements for this class.

Students hoping for a permission code should contact the instructor before the start of quarter. These may be issued in exceptional circumstances, but usually enrollment is restricted to those who meet this very minimal prerequisite.

Office Hours


1-3pm Tuesdays in E2 room 559 (or by appointment)

Instructors and Assistants