TIM240: Information Technology for Decision Support: an Introduction

Please note that prior to Fall 2011, the Technology & Information Management department was known as Information Systems Management.  For classes prior to Fall 2011, please see the ISM schedule page.



Introduction to the information technologies useful to IT management. Reviews/surveys four major topics: 1) information systems: from computer technology - systems architecture (hardware and software), multiprocessors and cluster to client-server, networking and distributed computing, data storage and data servers, file management, database systems, input/output technology, graphics and multimedia; 2) IT as a "service": commercial and open-source tools for information-system development and knowledge management; 3) managing, searching, and mining of structured and unstructured data; 4) decision-support systems that integrate knowledge with data mining and text mining tools to support decision-making in product development, supply-chain management, marketing, sales and logistics. Enrollment restricted to graduate students.

5 Credits

This class has not been taught recently.

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