Information Retrieval

Instructors: Yi Zhang  (yiz  + ism260 @

Office hour at UCSC: TBA (E2-565)

Middle Exam: TBA (close book. 1 page cheating sheet and calculator are allowed)


1. No lectures on Oct 20th  (please attend the KM Workshop on Oct 19th). Meet speakers from Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Quancast, EBay etc. Meet Participants from various Silicon Valley Companies working on related problems.

2. You can download slides from last year before the class, and the slides of this year will be very similar. (The directory is only accessible from campus IP).



Required Text Book: Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice by Bruce Croft, Donald Metzler, Trevor Strohman   (SEIR)

Other resources (recommended):

MIR: Modern Information Retrieval

FSNLP: Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing  (UCSC online copy)

IR: Information Retrieval (online)

IIR: Introduction to Information Retrieval

III: Information Retrieval Interaction

MG: Managing Gigabytes

ESL: The Elements of Statistical Learning


Instructors and Assistants