Information Retrieval

Time: 12-1:45pm M/W Location:  

Office hour: 3:45-4:45pm Wed (E2-565)

2-3pm Monday (SVC)


Required Text Book: Search Engines: Information Retrieval in Practice by Bruce Croft, Donald Metzler, Trevor Strohman   (SEIR)

Other resources (recommended):

MIR: Modern Information Retrieval

FTIR: Foundation and Trend in Information Retrieval

FSNLP: Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing  (UCSC online copy)

IR: Information Retrieval (online)

IIR: Introduction to Information Retrieval

III: Information Retrieval Interaction

MG: Managing Gigabytes

ESL: The Elements of Statistical Learning



"If you qualify for classroom accommodations because of a disability, please get an Accommodation Authorization from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and submit it to me in person outside of class (e.g., office hours) within the first two weeks of the quarter. Contact DRC at 459-2089 (voice), 459-4806 (TTY), or for more information on the requirements and/or process.”

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