Schedule of Classes: Computer Engineering: 2017-2018


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Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
CMPE1: Hands-On Computer Engineering
CMPE3: Personal Computer Concepts: Software and Hardware
CMPE7: Statistical Reasoning in the Age of the Internet
CMPE8: Robot Automation: Intelligence through Feedback Control
CMPE9: Introduction to Statics Dynamics & Biomechanics
CMPE10: Fundamentals of Robot Kinematics and Dynamics
CMPE11: Three-D prototyping
CMPE12: Computer Systems and Assembly Language
  • Section 01
    Rebecca Jennifer Rashkin (rrashkin)
    Summer Session 10 Weeks
CMPE12L: Computer Systems and Assembly Language Laboratory
  • Section 01
    Rebecca Jennifer Rashkin (rrashkin)
    Summer Session 10 Weeks
CMPE13: Computer Systems and C Programming
  • Section 01
    Maxwell Nathan Lichtenstein (mnlichte)
    Summer Session 10 Weeks
CMPE13L: Computer Systems and C Programming Laboratory
  • Section 01
    Maxwell Nathan Lichtenstein (mnlichte)
    Summer Session 10 Weeks
CMPE16: Applied Discrete Mathematics
  • Section 01
    Patrick Tantalo (ptantalo)
    Summer Session 8 Weeks
CMPE80A: Universal Access: Disability, Technology, and Society
CMPE80E: Engineering Ethics
CMPE80H: History of Modern Computing
CMPE80N: Introduction to Networking and the Internet
CMPE80U: Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing
Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
CMPE100: Logic Design
CMPE100L: Logic Design Laboratory
CMPE105: Principles of Computer Systems Design
CMPE107: Probability and Statistics for Engineers (formerly Math Systems: Stochastic)
  • Section 01
    J J Garcia-Luna-Aceves (jjaceves)
    Session 2 - 5 Weeks
CMPE108: Data Compression
CMPE110: Computer Architecture
CMPE112: Computer and Game Console Architecture
CMPE113: Parallel Programming
CMPE114: Embedded Operating Systems
CMPE115: Introduction to Solid Mechanics
CMPE118: Introduction to Mechatronics
CMPE118L: Introduction to Mechatronics Laboratory
CMPE121: Microprocessor System Design
CMPE121L: Microprocessor System Design Laboratory
CMPE122: Introduction to VLSI Digital System Design
CMPE123A: Engineering Design Project I
CMPE123B: Engineering Design Project II
CMPE125: Logic Design with Verilog
CMPE125L: Logic Design with Verilog Laboratory
CMPE129A: Capstone Project I
CMPE129B: Capstone Project II
CMPE129C: Capstone Project III
CMPE131: Human-Computer Interaction
CMPE138: Computer Interaction of Persons with Limited Vision
CMPE141: Feedback Control Systems
CMPE142: Introduction to Cyber-physical Systems
Note: Now CMPE 149
CMPE145: Estimation and Introduction to Control of Stochastic Processes
Note: Previously AMS 118
CMPE149: Introduction to Cyber-physical Systems
Note: Previously CMPE 142
CMPE150: Introduction to Computer Networks
CMPE150L: Introduction to Computer Networks Laboratory
CMPE151: Advanced Computer Networks (formerly Network Administration)
CMPE151L: Advanced Computer Networks Laboratory
CMPE152: Analysis and Design of Communication Protocols
CMPE153: Digital Signal Processing
CMPE156: Network Programming
CMPE156L: Network Programming Laboratory
CMPE161: Mobile Sensing and Interaction
CMPE167: Sensing and Sensor Technologies
CMPE167L: Sensing and Sensor Technologies Lab
CMPE177: Applied Graph Theory and Algorithms
CMPE185: Technical Writing for Computer Engineers
Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
CMPE200: Research and Teaching in Computer Science and Engineering
CMPE202: Computer Architecture
CMPE215: Models of Robotic Manipulation
CMPE216: Bio-inspired Locomotion
CMPE218: Mechatronics
CMPE218L: Mechatronics
CMPE220: Advanced Parallel Processing
CMPE221: Advanced Microprocessor Design
CMPE221L: Advanced Microprocessor Design Laboratory
CMPE222: VLSI Digital System Design
CMPE223: VLSI System-on-a-Chip Design
CMPE224: Testing Digital Circuits
CMPE225: Introduction to ASIC Systems Design
CMPE226: Computer-Aided Analysis of Electrical Circuits
CMPE229: Field-Programmable Gate Arrays Computer-Assisted Design
CMPE230: Computer Performance Evaluation
CMPE231: Human-Computer Interaction
CMPE232: Arithmetic Processors
CMPE233: Human Factors
CMPE235: User Evaluation of Technology
Note: Renamed CMPM 235 as of Spring 15- See CMPM 235 for schedule
CMPE236: Understanding Cryptography
CMPE240: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
CMPE241: Introduction to Feedback Control Systems
CMPE242: Applied Feedback Control
CMPE243: System Identification
CMPE244: Digital Control
CMPE245: Estimation and Introduction to Control of Stochastic Processes
Note: Previously AMS 218
CMPE246: Hybrid Dynamical Systems
CMPE247: Advanced Feedback Control Design
CMPE248: Games in Design and Control
CMPE249: Introduction to Cyber-physical Systems
CMPE250: Multimedia Systems
CMPE251: Error-Control Coding
CMPE252A: Computer Networks
CMPE252B: Principles of Computer Communication
CMPE253: Network Security
CMPE254: High Speed Computer Networks
CMPE256: Design Project in Computer Networks
CMPE257: Wireless and Mobile Networks
CMPE258: Unix Networking Internals
CMPE263: Data Compression
CMPE264: Image Analysis and Computer Vision
CMPE277: Graph Algorithms
CMPE280B: Seminar on Bioinformatics
CMPE280C: Seminar on Control
CMPE280G: VLSI/CAD Seminar
CMPE280N: Seminar on Networks
CMPE280P: Seminar on Parallel Processing
CMPE280S: Seminar on Computer Systems
CMPE280T: Seminar on New Technologies
CMPE280V: Seminar on Computer Vision
CMPE285: Technical Writing for Engineering Graduates
CMPE290L: Advanced Topics in VLSI Computer-Aided Design
CMPE290M: Topics in Parallel Computation
CMPE290N: Topics in Computer Performance
CMPE290V: Advanced Topics in Visual Computing
CMPE293: Advanced Topics in Computer Engineering