Schedule of Classes: Computational Media: 2019-2020


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Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Summer 2020
CMPM25: Introduction to 3D Modeling
Note: Previously CMPS 25
CMPM26: Introduction to 3D Animation
Note: Previously CMPS 26
CMPM35: Data Structures for Interactive Media (Pending Approval)
CMPM80A: Accessible Games
CMPM80K: Foundations of Video Game Design
Note: Previously CMPS 80K
Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Summer 2020
CMPM120: Game Development Experience
Note: Previously CMPS 20; CMPM 20 Game Design Experience
CMPM121: Game Technologies
CMPM131: User Experience for Interactive Media
CMPM146: Game AI
Note: Previously CMPS 146
CMPM147: Generative Design
CMPM148: Interactive Narrative
Note: Previously CMPS 148
CMPM150: Creating Digital Audio
CMPM151: Algorithmic Music for Games
CMPM163: Game Graphics and Real-Time Rendering
CMPM164: Game Engines Lab
Note: Previously CMPS 164
CMPM164L: Game Engines Lab
Note: Previously CMPS 164L
CMPM170: Game Design Studio I
Note: Previously CMPS 170
CMPM171: Games Design Studio II
Note: Previously CMPS 171
CMPM172: Game Design Studio III
Note: Previously CMPS 172
CMPM176: Game Systems
CMPM177: Creative Strategies for Designing Interactive Media
Note: Previously CMPS 177
CMPM178: Human-Centered Design Research
Note: Previously CMPS 178
CMPM179: Game Design Practicum
Note: previously CMPS 179
Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Summer 2020
CMPM201: Introduction to Computational Media
CMPM202: Computational Media Research
CMPM203: Computational Media Methods
CMPM204: Computational Media Project Definition
CMPM206: Computational Media Research Preparation
CMPM235: User Evaluation of Technology
Note: Previously CMPE 235
CMPM244: Artificial Intelligence in Games
Note: Previously CMPS 244
CMPM245: Computational Models of Discourse and Dialogue
Note: Previously CMPS 245
CMPM248: Interactive Narrative
Note: Previously CMPS 248
CMPM265: Generative Methods
Note: Previously CMPS 265
CMPM280G: Seminar in Generative Methods
CMPM280H: Seminar in Human Computer Interaction and Computational Media
CMPM280K: Seminar in Interactive Systems for Individuals with Special Needs
CMPM280W: Seminar in Digital Media
Note: Previously CMPS 280W
CMPM280X: Seminar on Expressive AI
Note: Previously CMPS 280X
CMPM290A: Topics in Computational Media
CMPM290J: Playable Media
Note: Previously CMPS 290J
CMPM290K: Social and Emotional Approaches to Human Computer Interaction
CMPM290P: Topics in Computational Cinematography
Note: Previously CMPS 290P